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The mission of PVstudent.com is to show people how to educate themselves and work in the photovoltaic industry. This is the first step in stopping global warming and global economic disasters. 
The biggest obstacle to overcome in this fast growing industry is education. Four year photovoltaic degrees are practically unheard of, which makes finding an instructor difficult. In many cases people are educating themselves, which is not bad, but some direction can be helpful.
Many of the younger people today feel empty. Our grandparents saved the world from fascism, our parents were involved in the civil rights revolution. Now it is time for generations X, Y & perhaps Z to redefine themselves as the generations that save the planet.
Let the renewable energy revolution begin!
Where to find the knowledge of PV:
  • Books
  • Free classes
  • Community colleges
  • Non-profits
  • Study groups
  • Magazines
  • National Organizations
  • Local Organizations
  • Your own solar roof
It is time for us to do something that will make our generations remembered forever.
Join the next movement that will literally save the world!
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Diablo Valley College
Advanced PV Systems Class
Field Trip May 16, 2009
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