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Throughout this website, there are many great links, especially in the Advanced PV notes, but the best, most advanced PV learning link is the next one below.

Here is the best place for the top & most advanced intellectual interpretations of the National Electric Code and how it applies to PV:

The JOHN WILES link is below!

Once you are done reading everything here. Start over and repeat forever. Then you will truly understand PV.

Here is a money saver:

2010 California Electric Code (exact same as 2008 NEC)

(make sure you have high speed internet, it is 93MB)

this is a good find... don't tell anyone;)

You don't need to buy the CD, it is all here:

Great Link that you should spend months studying:

This is also known as the Expedited Permit Process by Bill Brooks. Here you will find a lot of great information about how to write up a permit, a template for an expedited permit and a lot of information about temperature design for different locations.

This below has all of the information you will ever need to know about PV & renewable incentives in the USA:

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