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"Sean provides a unique and relevant approach to advanced photovoltaics with an international awareness. A teacher who cares about his students and really enjoys teaching. When others learned he was teaching an advanced course, the number of students ~ doubled."

Martin Herzfeld

"Hi Dr. White, I believe we met briefly in Marvin's AET 230 class earlier this year and I just happened upon your website. Having had a bit of time to peruse through the site, I want to thank you for having created it and granting open access to this treasure chest of information. It is definitely going to help me as I move forward in my career in the solar industry and I'm very appreciative of your generosity."

Mark Gaddini

Sir, I first discovered your site when I was attending Laney College during their first P.V. course & program earlier this year. Your enthusiasm and commitment as an educator is astounding!!! I use it regularly as I study for my upcoming NABCEP test. I recommend it to everyone. THANK YOU!

Jeff Lovelady

"Thanks for your teaching of my solar class. I felt like you did a good job. I passed my NABCEP entry level test with a 88%! Within three weeks of the class I was approved as a Pennsylvania Solar Contractor. We have sold two 200KW commercial systems and four residential systems. We will be starting with our first installation next week. We have numerous other people in various states of interest for additional projects."

Tim Bollinger

"Sean, just came across Great site with tons of useful info. I am starting a solar company in Taylor, TX. and appreciate reading solar sites that have a different way of explaining things. It's people like yourself that have made the industry reputable."

Keep up the good work,

Larry Levy



"I had recently attended an IREC class that was taught by Dr. Sean White in Philadelphia, PA. Coming from a background in solar and have experience in installing PV, I wanted to get more education in this field. The IREC that Sean taught was more than I expected. The methods that Sean used to convey the material to his students made the class enjoyable and educational. The extensive background and the devotion that Sean has in the solar industry demonstrate his ability to teach. This quality in a teacher can make the difference in the learning ability of the class, and this is what Sean has.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Dr. Sean White, and look forward to attending more educational class with him."

Thank You,

Todd Okeson

Owner- East Coast Alternative Energy

"When I enrolled to take the 5-Day Photovoltaic seminar at SolarUniverse, being that I was skeptical of my ability to comprehend the lectures in this new industry. But the teacher, Dr. Sean White was very fluent, friendly, easy to understand and very knowledgeable of the subject. He immediately put me at ease as well as other students. At the end of the seminar I was empowered and ready to speak the language of photovoltaic. One week after the seminar I applied for a design drafting position job at SolarCity, a green job company. During the interview, I felt very confident of myself and I did speak the language of Photovoltaic. I was in command and I effortlessly used the buzz words of the industry, and I got the job. I am very proud to attribute my success to getting and sustaining myself on this job to the style and informative lectures of Dr. Sean White. I’ll recommend him for any position that he is seeking in the Solar Power industry especially, Photovoltaic."

Thank You,

Ike O

"I had the opportunity to take an Advanced PV Design course at DVC community college in the spring semester of 2009. I have a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, several years of teaching experience in the San Francisco Public schools, as well as experience as an Electrical Design Engineer at SunPower Corp. I was interested in taking his course to help me jumpstart my career in the PV field; revisit some of the fundamental PV design ideas, familiarize myself with the latest design software, and explore new career paths within this field. I am happy to say that Sean’s class met all of my expectations. His course was well organized and clearly presented. He has a broad understanding of the material and is dedicated to expanding his own knowledge in the field as well as that of his students. As a former teacher, I was especially impressed by his hands-on approach to teaching. Concrete examples of PV systems, inverters, and design applications were a regular part of his classroom teaching. These examples were especially helpful when presenting the more abstract subjects such as PV inverter sizing and energy yield modeling. I also came away from the class with many great resources for further investigation and references which I continue to use frequently. I am currently employed as a Field Applications Engineer with Solyndra, a job which I found shortly after taking Sean’s class. I continue to utilize many of the basic PV principals that I obtained from this class in my work. I have also recently passed the NABCEP certification training again drawing on many of subjects presented in his class. Sean is a dedicated and very knowledgeable PV instructor, and I highly recommend his PV courses to anyone looking to gain a greater knowledge in this field."


Ryan Jones

"I took Sean White's Advanced PV Design and Installation course as well as his Solar Contractor Exam Preparation Class. He made the classes informative and enjoyable. I owe a great deal to Sean for helping me earn the NABCEP Solar PV Installer Certification. Due to his help I've been able to start my own solar consulting business. This has been a great career transition for me." 


Dave Harris

Harris Solar Consulting, CA 

"Hi Sean, I was in your 5 day entry level course at Infinite Solar in November. We finally got our NABCEP results back and I wanted to let you know that I passed the test! I couldn’t have done it without your great class. I know I have a ways to go, but I feel like I’ve gotten a great foundation from the experience and just wanted to say thank you."

Nora Buckman

Development Specialist

"I completed the review for the NABCEP test offered at Infinite Solar class held in Philladelphia, PA. Sean White was the instructor and this review was instrumental in me passing

the NABCEP exam. I would highly recommend Sean to instruct this course for your organization."

Thank you,

Matthew Stewart

Owner: American Solar Electric Company

"Upon driving 12 hours and spending a lot of money for a week's crash course in the design and installation of photovoltaics, I was slightly skeptical to say the least. However, after 15 minutes on the first day of the course I gained confidence in my decision. The instructor, Sean White was outstanding! I just graduated from Kent State University in 2008 while performing as an instructor in the Army, so my standards are very high when it comes to someone teaching me something new. Sean went well above my standards. I highly recommend Sean White as an instructor in the PV field. Sean is very professional, respectful and patient with the ever present "know-it-all" student in his class, and has unsurpassed knowledge in the his field. Personally, I will be taking more of Sean's courses in the near future.

Your class was great! I truly did not know just how much information that I received from you until I got back and answered all the questions my family had."

Geoffrey G. Thompson

Kettering. OH

"I have completed two classes, Advanced PV Installation and Solar Contractor Exam Preparation Class, at DVC College under the instruction of Dr. Sean White. He has created a great learning atmosphere where students can feel at ease to participate in the discussion of solar installation. He also took the time to emphasize that safety is the number one priority when dealing with high voltage and working on roof top. He is easy to approach if the students want to ask questions after class. I hope to start my own solar business soon with the acquired knowledge from Sean’s classes."

Hanh V. Nguyen

Engineering Supervisor

Systron Donner

Concord California