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Sean White for Supervisor 2012

A Good Sign!

All other candidates have an edge on the brainwashing technique which we will call "a bad sign." This means that they have special interests donate well over $100,000 to pay for things like road side signs with empty slogans. You have a choice for a good sign with a meaningful slogan.

Research has shown that these bad signs do cause people to vote for them. Just think of what a good sign can say, that is not paid for by special interests.

Here are some downloadable signs that you can post anywhere, such as your car windows, the side of your house, your business or wherever you see fit.

Please help this go viral.

These signs actually have a message on them.

Thanks and tell him which sign you like best. If you make your own, that is ok, unless someone paid you to make the sign, because this is a money-free campaign!

The winner of the sign contest will get fair representation and an honorable mention.

From the campaign trail

Sean is running for Contra Costa County District 2 Supervisor in the California June 5th, 2012 Presidential Primary election.

Sean's main platform this election season is to further expose the effects that money has on politics and to offer an alternative choice to politicians that survive by accepting legalized bribes (campaign contributions) from those who expect favors back once they get elected. 

Here is a list of some of the sources of the bribes:

Developers looking to have an edge over the average citizenRefineries looking to make record profits againLawyersReal Estate ExecutivesUnionsContractors (I am a contractor)

I do not blame these business for taking advantage of the system, nor do I blame the politicians for using the system to stay alive, however I challenge the voters in this community to be smarter than the junk mail/side of the road sign slogans and to vote for a candidate with real solutions to the political problems that we face today.

I suggest that we have an even the playing field where 1 person gets 1 vote as was intended by our founding fathers, rather than the $1 one vote system that has developed, especially with the Supreme Court Decision Citizens United, which decided that money was free speech.

Money in this society is becoming more and more scarce among the average person and more concentrated among the fraction of a percent CEO's of multinational corporations who are sending the jobs offshore, along with their Swiss and Cayman Island bank accounts.

We have seen during this "great recession" banks getting bailed out, homeowners losing their homes to the banks and hard working people losing their jobs, benefits, pensions, tuition and standards of living. All the while, the super-rich mega millionaires and getting richer at a faster pace than ever and claiming that we aren't giving them enough, so that it can trickle down better. They say that their mega millionaire tax brackets, which are lower than any time in history are not low enough for the trickle down effect to kick in.

All the while these mega millionaires are making sure that the politicians are working for them through the ever loosing campaign finance system, which was given to them by one of the most famous 5-4 Supreme Court decisions in history.

Want to make a difference? Vote for Sean White for Contra Costa County District 2 Supervisor June 5, 2012.

Sean will work hard to expose the underhanded ownership of politicians by those that finance the junk mail that you are too smart to fall for any more.

Thank you,

Sean White

Here is an example of the money that is being raised by my opponents for this election and this is before the season even kicked in on March 17.

There has been well over $100,000 invested by people looking for favors from a county supervisor in this election early in the game. The next statement will be post-election and I expect it to be much more.

Question: What's wrong with this photo?

Answer: If this was a real politician, those would not be $1 bills or even $100 bills, they would be enough bills to fill a suitcase. That's how the world works. Do you want to make a change?


The reason I am using the website for this campaign is because I am committed to not using any money in this campaign. This is not because I can not afford a website, but it is consistent with the message of the campaign. I am also using the League of Women Voters website for this campaign, which is free and set up to make politics fair. You can see that website by going to or Thanks Smart Voter and the League of Women Voters!

vote dr white.doc (DOC — 34 KB)

vote dr white.pdf (PDF — 26 KB)

vote dr white.ppt (PPT — 105 KB)

no contributions.ppt (PPT — 265 KB)

no contributions.pdf (PDF — 182 KB)

The non-pdf signs are editable, so feel free to create your own slogan. Just like in government, everyone should have

their own say.

Here are some signs that have been entered in to the sign competition. They look like winners!!! Print them out and use them yourself!

Hills and big sun.pdf (PDF — 25 KB)

Trees.pdf (PDF — 28 KB)

Trees and sun.pdf (PDF — 28 KB)

HIlls and small sun.pdf (PDF — 25 KB)

Vote for a sign! Send Sean an email at

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