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One day at the Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco, I was asked to teach a PV class at Merritt Community College in Oakland. I had passed the NABCEP PV entry level certificate of knowledge examination and thought that with my experience as a "professional test taker" having passed many levels of National and State Board Examinations, etc. that I could best help students by giving them tools to get a solar certification that would show the world that they have a certain level of knowledge. Some of my favorite classes were Board Review courses. Fun learning is memorable learning.

Here is a link that explains how the class began:

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Dr. Sean White   

Read Sean White's SolarPro article on voltage rise here:

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Sean White is a highly experienced PV educator with thousands of hours teaching entry level, intermediate, and advanced PV classes at solar training centers primarily throughout North America. Many hundreds of his students are employed at both startup and leading solar companies. Sean also designs commercial and residential PV systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has many years of practical work experience at Fidelity Roof and Local Power in California.

Some of the places Sean has experience teaching PV include California, New Jersey, Ontario Canada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Costa Rica & China.

Sean is a NABCEP certified in PV Installer, holds the NABCEP Technical Sales Certification, a licensed C46 Solar Contractor in California & a California Licensed Electrician. Sean’s approach appeals to both beginners and solar experts looking to expand their knowledge. Student evaluations demonstrate that Sean’s knowledge, passion, and pedagogy are outstanding. Keeping students excited, awake and informed is the trilogy of Sean’s learning theory. Sean is excited about an industry that doubles every year, while improving the quality of life for all & will make sure to share that excitement. He finds great satisfaction in sharing his knowledge of PV with his students.

Sean White has worked on and is actively consulting on many PV projects throughout the world.

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Dr. White has been active in environmental causes for many years. He was a candidate for Contra Costa County District 2 Supervisor in 2000 and 2012. He has been an active political activist since he was old enough to vote.


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Announcement: Sean is running for Supervisor again and will be on the June 2012 Presidential Primary Election in Contra Costa County, California. His platform will include

Renewable EnergyTaking Money out of PoliticsTaking Partisanship out of PoliticsSmart GrowthReducing Pollution & TrafficHealthcare for all

Here is a political topic related to PV that I have not heard addressed:

Solar PV should be able to go on non-profits, government agencies, departments of transportation, schools, etc., without having to have a PPA where some big bank gets richer. Perhaps instead of tax equity financed projects, the big banks should pay the taxes they owe and that money could be used to help finance PV systems on public spaces.

In the mean time, I will support PV in any way, including tax financing, but wouldn't it be nice if a school could put up a PV system and have the same benefits a corporation does?

It was also a bigger benefit to corporations than people with the 1603 tax grant in lieu of the tax credit that was available to corporations and not homeowners.


Sean got his start in alternative energy as a PV technical researcher for Local Power for a decade, which is run by his good friends Paul Fenn & Julie Peters. They met in 1996 at Jerry Brown's We The People orginization, where they were active participants ( Paul Fenn is the author of the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) law, which has been passed in many municipalities across the nation & promotes Solar Power among other things. Click on the Local Power image to find out more.

He also has spent many years working on his family's ranch, where he maintained an off-grid hybrid PV system.

Here are a few credentials:

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